Who Am I

GPMCC I am a freelance technical writer who specializes in assisting small companies and individual entrepreneurs with their technical documentation needs. Many small business needs the expertise of a technical writer but cannot afford to hire one full time, thus providing an excellent opportunity for the freelancer who pursues this type of work.

For more information I direct you to the Technical Writing page where I discuss all things technical writing and provide you with a detailed explanation of my work and services.

Personal Life

I am retired Navy stationed out of San Diego California. When on active duty I saw a lot of Southeast Asia and spent two years with a detachment, which was home-ported in Sasabo Japan. The unit was part of the Midway battle group, an aircraft carrier now fulfilling the mission as a floating museum in San Diego.

Now I am engaged with my second major career in the field of technical and freelance writing, a task I have been doing since my retirement in 1992.

My wife and I have been married in excess of 40 years and have three adult children. My wife stays at home while I still work a very long week. There she finds time to tend her flowers and plants while I carry out the trash. And of course she is always getting ideas for garden improvement, as illustrated in the photo below.


We like to travel but find the economy prohibits travel outside the country these days. So we focus on staying inside the country, after all there is a lot to see here. We do have a beautiful country and we should appreciate it.

My Better Half

Besides the garden my better half does a lot of reading which relaxes her while I spend time working on this website and writing. At our age it is the simple pleasures of life which we enjoy.

The Website

As a veteran I have a deep love of country so I realized I could be part of the problems facing this country or I could lend my small voice and become part of the solution. Hence, this website was conceived in November 2010 and born in May of 2011.

Over the course of time this website has, and continues to evolve into something, not only extremely useful, but something extraordinary. It's primary mission is to create and enhance value by encouraging the program of self-reliance. You are better than you think you are. You just may not know it.

Current Plans

Currently I am concentrating on my writing, my freelance work, and growing this website which takes up most, and sometimes all of my time.

In Summary

In a nutshell the reason this website exist is to help you help yourself. And in the process of helping you help yourself I am helping me. Together we can preserve the country as founded by some remarkable men who put others before self.

In conclusion I hope you enjoy your visit and I encourage you to investigate all this website has to offer.