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The files on this page are FREE, yes I said FREE, to download and share. However, they are copyrighted and copyright infringement is frowned upon. They may not be changed or altered in anyway.

Some of these files are a secured PDF but should open with any PDF reader. However if you need the latest version of Adobe Reader you can down load it here.

Free means just that FREE. There are no forms to fill out, no credit card data to collect (not yet anyway), no personal information of any type. Just click on the link and download.


Be assured each of these files are virus free when I added them. And since I am always checking for viruses and the like, I make every effort to keep them that way. But you download and use these files at your own risk. (I don't like this disclaimer but I have to make it.)

All that said I hope you enjoy these files as much as I enjoyed developing them.

Current Downloads

These are the current downloads offered on GPMCC:


FrameMaker Downloads

FrameMaker is a powerful program designed to help create intensive technical documentation. However the learning curve is vertical as the program is complex and intensive. There is a lot of documentation on the program but the help itself can be confusing.

To help cut through the chatter and deliver only what a beginner needs to know I wrote a book on the subject. If you are new to FrameMaker and in need of clear cut information then the book is for you. To help you decide, without submitting the hard earned cash, I created an excerpt which you can download for free. Check it out then decide. If you like what you read then return to the FrameMaker page and purchase the entire book.

To download the excerpt, click the link below.