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The purpose of a vacation is to explore strange new civilizations, seek out exciting dining experiences, visit unique buildings and museums, and to relax thus recharging the mental batteries. This means leaving all the stress and strain of daily living behind. Unfortunately many of us don't really know how to relax as we let worry about the office accompany us on our trip. Talk about a bummer.

While I recommend you leave the stress of the office behind that is something you and only you can do. What I can do is provide links that may make your vacation a little better. Life is stressful enough without it ruining a perfectly good vacation and I say that from experience. I have had both great and horrible vacations so I know just how stressful a bad vacation can be. I was so glad to get back to work as work became a vacation for me.

To help overcome a bad experience I decided to seek out and expose those websites that can help turn a dream vacation into a fabulous vacation. Thus I have searched the web and found quite a few, but excellent websites that can help you avoid a bad experience.

I recommend you spend some time reading these links and determine which ones can help you the most with your vacation. I have separated these links into two distinct classes: websites and blogs. Both have a lot of advice to offer however it is up to you to determine which link can give you the best advice for your particular circumstances.

Vacation Ideas

So what exactly are you looking for in a vacation? It's a valid question because the choices are as wide and varied as they are numerous. You should ask yourself some basic questions when considering your time away from the office. However there is one basic question you need to ask and answer before you proceed with any vacation plan. The question:

How much is this going to cost me in gas? With today's high fuel cost many people are looking at the concept of a "staycation". What is a staycation? It's where you take time off but stay at home to conserve precious monetary resources.

The concept has both positive and negative aspects to it. The negative aspects is you never leave home which can be stressful if you let it. BUT... if you treat it like a real vacation you can have a great time. How much do you know about your home town? What activity or attractions brings tourist to your city? Have you really investigated your city? These are just a few questions to consider when thinking about a staycation.

Here's a tip: When you're looking for some staycation ideas do an internet search on your hometown. You will be surprised what you are missing. Like Acres of Diamonds you may find priceless gems in your own back yard. Also remember that staycation ideas differ with the seasons which means you can vacation any time of the year.

I know I've discussed a lot about staycations and haven't touched on regular vacations. I did this on purpose because as the economy gets worse saving money becomes more and more critical to our lifestyle. This will change but for now, today, we must deal with the reality that our lifestyle is in danger of being no more. But this page is not designed to discuss those items, rather to focus on recharging the batteries and making our travel dollars go as far as possible.

So for your convenience I've included a few links for both staycations and regular vacations. This new column deals only with ideas to help make your vacation a memorable one. I hope you find it useful. And remember an internet search is just a click away.


Travel Links

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